During the first period of time we will discuss your dietary and nutritional concerns, also digestive issues if a specialised digestive programme is to be introduced.
Some Tests Available
*Comprehensive stool testing
*Food intolerance testing
*Adrenal stress profile
*Total thyroid screen
*Insulin resistance testing
*Hormone profiles
*Vitamin D
*Vitamin B12
*Red cell magnesium
*DNA health screen
*Health risk profile
The Consultation
In some cases functional testing such as allergy or stool testing may be suggested. Sometimes the use of supplements are recommended to offer support or boost nutrient levels for a short period of time.
Contact Sue
Tel. 01283 210671
Mobile 07840712218
Services offered are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment
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For clients seeking specialised digestive support you will receive a printed personalised nutritional programme specifically tailored to your individual needs, with additional appropriate hand-outs to support and broaden advice and recommendations offered. Online support is also available, during the timescale of the nutritional programme. A discounted 30 minute follow-up consultation is included within the cost of the programme, at which time progress will be assessed, and alterations to the nutritional and lifestyle plan will be made if required.
This information along with a food diary will then enable me to offer dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to your requirements. As part of the standard nutritional programme you will be given a nutritional printed guide aimed at your area of specific health interest eg increased vitality, optimal blood glucose control, cardiovascular support, along with appropriate hand-outs.
Your past health history will then be discussed, along with any areas highlighted within a pre-consultation form.
A consultation takes approximately an hour to complete.