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Nutritional therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.
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Natural support in the promotion of optimal health & digestive function
Susan Brough MSc.
Areas in which gut function is being linked to other health issues
It is now accepted that many of today's chronic diseases can be linked to diet and lifestyle choices. However with so much conflicting advice it is not always easy to ensure your diet is ideal for you. Age, gender, exercise regime, stress levels, digestive function and genetics can all influence our needs and these may not be met by the standard ‘healthy diet’.
I can offer nutritional advice based on individual requirements, backed by evidence based testing on request.
In general the impact digestive issues have on quality of life is often underestimated; they can lead to significant discomfort and distress, and continue for many years unresolved.
Blood glucose regulation
Weight gain
Cholesterol imbalance
Auto immune conditions
How can nutritional therapy assist?
Gastrointestinal symptoms may be as a consequence of stress & anxiety, infection, poor diet, food intolerance, certain medications etc. Initiation may go back as far as infancy where frequent anti-biotic use or reaction to certain foods has left the digestive system vulnerable to outside influences, leading to digestive complaints later in life.
Where can nutritional therapy help?
Through comprehensive analysis of past and current influences on digestive issues, with the inclusion of standard and/or functional testing, in some instances, areas of imbalance can usually be identified, thereby indicating where implementation of changes and support may promote resolution of symptoms.
Compromised digestive function
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