Nutritional Therapy is based on the Functional Medicine belief that dysfunction occurs due to a complex set of interwoven influences, both environmental and genetic on the many intricate and interlinked systems within the body.
Factors that can lead to imbalance
Care is always taken that any dietary, lifestyle or supplemental recommendations work alongside any treatments or prescribed medications a person may be undertaking. Fully qualified Nutritional Therapists work under strict rules and guidelines ensuring advice offered is safe.
Consequently it is believed by practitioners within this field that each client has unique requirements, and only by offering a personalised approach in identifying the triggers and promoters of imbalance can steps be taken to redress issues. The comprehensive study and training I have undertaken and time spent in clinical practice, now assists me to identify these areas, ensuring that nutritional and lifestyle programmes are specifically tailored to the needs of each client.
*Poor digestion
*Lack of physical movement
*Inadequate diet
*Reduced sleep or poor quality sleep
*Shift work
*Excess intake of alcohol or
*Trauma physical and/or emotional both now and past.
Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional Therapy is not an alternative to conventional medical treatment, but can work synergistically by offering the opportunity to increase wellbeing through optimal nutritional and lifestyle advice.
Food and the nutrients within it are the building blocks for our bodies to thrive, if intake is poor or absorption decreases, vitality and wellbeing may reduce.
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